Stylized pagedolls on a medium sized canvas (roughly 800x800px).


Detailed illustrations with full background, featuring 1-2 subjects.

coming soon!

Rough and sketchy concept illustrations for DnD characters.

terms of service

Review prior to ordering.


More about me.

Contact via Discord to place an order: munk#2349

simple chibi pagedoll


700x700px (approx.)
single character
chibi style - eyes closed
fully shaded
+$6 for small add-ons
+$20 for anthro/human

platform chibi pagedoll


800x900px (approx.)
Single character
Chibi style - eyes closed
Fully shaded
Subject to fees for complex features and addons such as wings, feathers, etc.
+$20 for anthro/human
Background elements are generally up to my discretion. You are welcome to provide a theme.
(I do not do trees as they throw off the canvas size and look disproportionate)

creep [feral]


Approximately 400x900px canvas
Fully shaded
*Please note that this style relies on overexaggerated and lithe features, and is best suited to characters who can be portrayed as such

creep [anthro]


Approximately 400x900px canvas
Fully shaded
+$ for complex clothing
*Please note that this style relies on overexaggerated and lithe features and is best suited to characters who can be portrayed as such

Contact via Discord to place an order: munk#2349

If you're interested in some kind of illustration that you're not seeing here please contact me, I'm always excited to chat about new projects!

scenic illustration

$80 starting

Generally around 2400x1800px
+$30-50 for additional character
Inquire about anthro/human

terms of service

By commissioning me, you agree that you have read and agreed to my Terms of Service. Failure to comply with these terms may result in termination of your commission and refusal to work with you in the future.

A. General terms
i. Do not remove my signature for any reason. Do not make any edits of your own. Do not claim my artwork as your own. If you must upload my artwork somewhere, appropriate credit must be made and you should link to my Instagram (@studiomunk), DeviantArt (@studio-munk), or (munk).
ii. Art may be traded or sold along with characters.
iii. Any custom characters or designs you order from me may be resold for purchase price + any art they have acquired. They may be revamped, bred, traded, or gifted as you see fit unless I specifically state otherwise.
iv. I reserve the right to decline your commission with or without providing a reason for doing so.
v. I do not provide work-in-progress updates of artwork. Please message me if you have concerns regarding this, prior to making your order.
vi. I retain the right to use your completed commissions as portfolio examples and to promote myself for future commissions, unless you specifically request I do not do so.
vii. Please allow at least 8 weeks for me to complete your order. Do not ask me for updates until after 8 weeks have passed. If you have a deadline please let me know beforehand!
viii. Edits may be allowed within 48 hours of you receiving [seeing] your finished commission, as I may delete the .psd file for your commission after 48 hours and be no longer willing to make edits.
ix. I may choose to work out of order on commissions in my queue, according to which ones I am most inspired to do first.
x. This is crucial - if you do not provide me with absolutely all information needed for me to draw your piece, I will draw it as I think it should be drawn. Do not waste my time by not filling out the form properly or providing enough images.
xi. I hold the right to alter, add to, or remove from my ToS as I see fit.

B. Payment
i. Payment is accepted via PayPal only [USD only]. Unless stated in a specific advertisement [poster or forum post], I do not accept any virtual currencies.
ii. Payment must be received within 24 hours of me messaging you with my PayPal information.
iii. I reserve the right to decline your commission with or without providing a reason for doing so.
iv. I reserve the right to additional charges at my discretion for add-ons like jewelry, clothes, etc.
v. Complex characters are subject to 10% added to the final commission cost, at my discretion.
vi. Payment plans may be discussed for orders of $100+ - it is your responsibility to contact me about said payment plan, otherwise I will expect full payment upfront. I require 40% of the payment upfront. I reserve the right to refuse a payment plan if I so choose.
vii. Refunds can be arranged ONLY within 24 hours of sending payment for your order, and ONLY if I have not started working on your commission in that 24 hour period.


munk/katelyn | 26

I'm munk/Katelyn, depending on whether you know me off or on the Internet. I'm a freelance digital illustrator. I'm a UX designer for a small software company, which allows me to work from home most days and helps foster my dreams of following some kind of career in concept art and illustration.I'm married to my highschool sweetheart and we live in a little apartment nestled between Seattle and the Olympics. We have a standard poodle named Kona and two kitties named Hiccup and Bruno. Apart from drawing I love exploring the outdoors, gaming, and collecting oddities.